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About our directors

Their passion for horses and Polo inspired them to start Polofactory and the rest is history!

Jai Singh and Vikramaditya Barkana, the co-founders of Polofactory, are class mates from school – Mayo College. Vikramaditya worked in New Zealand in the tutelage of Ross Ainsely, a leading polo pony trainer. Here he learnt about horses and realized that the equipment one uses makes a major impact on the psyche and the body of the horse and therefore effects the performance of both the rider and the horse. After a six year stint in New Zealand, Vikramaditya came back and teamed up with Jai, combining his acquired expertise as a horseman with Jai’s training in business management and co-founded Polofactory as a brand that trained polo ponies and designed & manufactured high performance polo equipment. The utility of Polofactory’s products was initially limited to polo players and horsemen. However the brand wanted to reach out and take polo and horses to everyone else and so ventured into high end fashion and lifestyle.

Our team is built up of members that share the same enthusiasm and belief in our brand and concept!

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