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Royal India Polo Holiday & Coaching Camp


The Polofactory Polo Ground is a fully green ground located at a 24km distance from the Jaipur (Rajasthan, India) city center. The ground is surrounded by farmlands on all sides and gives visitors a perfect feel of Jaipur's beautiful countryside. The ground is also a horse breeding facility with a minimum of 15 thoroughbred horses at any given time. On the ground, you will also find small scale organic farming, indigenous Gir cows, and beautiful Marwari Horses

We offer two activities
  • 1. Taste of Polo Experience
  • 2. Royal India Polo Holiday & Coaching Camp


Taste of Polo Experience


The experience is designed for visiting players who are short on time and for those who have no or little experience in Polo but want to take memories of Indian Polo. Regardless of your age or riding experience, Polofactory offers enthusiasts a taste of polo at the Polofactory Polo Ground. The experience includes a walk through the stables, witnessing the training of horses, and a masterclass that will give the visitor a first-hand experience class as to what it feels like to ride a polo pony and swing a polo mallet. Of course, the crash course includes an introduction to the basics of horse riding, polo rules, and techniques. Post the session on horseback we would host you tea & snacks and share wisdom acquired through horsemanship, tales of polo, and life in general! For experienced polo-playing visitors, the session replaces the master class with stick & ball/chuckers

Activity Details
  • 1. Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours (45 minutes on horseback)
  • 2. Price (per guest): USD 215 (without luxury camp breakfast)
  • 3. Price (per guest): with luxury camp breakfast): USD 260
  • 4. Additional guest for breakfast and no riding: USD 45



Royal Indian Polo Holiday


The program is designed for players to learn/hone the skill/enjoy playing polo. The training program is designed to improve polo capabilities through riding lessons, stick & ball, one-on-one sessions and chukkers. The guest will meet, interact and play with Indian Polo players. We tailor-make the program to suit each guest's existing capabilities and requirements. Visitors with no polo or riding experience are also welcome. 

Activity Details:
  • 1. Cost per day per guest USD 500 (+GST as applicable), Venue- Jaipur, India 


The cost includes:
  • 1. All meals and stay at our Polo Estate
  • 2. Airport Transfer
  • 3. Polo part of Program- Morning riding lesson - duration 45 minutes and Stick & Ball/Chukkers in the evening.



  • 1. Transport, sightseeing and liquor charges will be extra.
  • 2. For group enquiries, customized itineraries can be made and cost will be shared accordingly. 
  • 3. We can also help organize sightseeing, cultural, wildlife, heritage or safari tours, in and around Jaipur upon request . 

Polofactory can also help organize sightseeing, cultural, wildlife, heritage, or safari tours in and around Jaipur.


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